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Disclaimer: These articles and procedures are examples of how and what can be done. These all assume the use of proper tools and the M535i SIG and I take no reponsiblity for any incorrect information posted on this page. If you are not comfortable in undertaking any automotive repair, take your car to a qualified BMW mechanic. Otherwise use this information at your own risk. Like the copyright says any duplication of this information with out the explicit permission of the M535i Special Interest Group & Registry is prohibited. If you run into any specific problems please email me through the link at the bottom of the page and I will try to assist you as best I can.

E28 FAQ & Technical Articles

E30 FAQ & Technical Articles

E9 FAQ & Technical Articles

E24 FAQ & Technical Articles

E34 FAQ & Technical Articles

E36 FAQ & Technical Articles



As always, I am updating these sites as I get time to write the articles. So please check back regularly.

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