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Organizations & Registries
New and Used Parts Suppliers
Repair Shops and DIY Information
Tracks and Race Teams
Individual's Pages
Performance Parts and Tuners
Other BMW Sites
Specialty Products and Tools

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Organizations & Registries

MY E28 Message Board, Classifieds
BMW CCA Home Page
The Unofficial Hartge Registry
Dutch E28 Website
www.E12.de - German/English E12 site
First Fives (E12) Website
M5 Website
Another E28 M5 Website
Unofficial BMW Home - Email and FAQ Archives
Senior Six Registry
2002 Fest West '01
Good E9 Information

New and Used Parts Suppliers

Steve Haygood
Al Taylor's Sports Cars
Zionsville Autosport
Bavarian Autosport
Graymarkets (Located in Germany)
Used Wheels
AAA Rims
Special Spare Parts

National Used Part Search
Parts Sources without web sites

Repair Shops and DIY Information

Motor Works West BMW Specialists
TCD Turbocharging

Robert Bentley Publishers
Haynes Repair Manuals

Tracks and Race Teams

Team DFL
Bret L's Page
Rev. Al Taylor's Page
More Al Taylor
Driving Techniques
Vintage Day at VIR
Scary VIR Crash

Individual's Pages

John Burn's Website
Duke's Website and Euro Parts Source in Germany
Russ's Dinan Turbo
Elin & Glenn's Website
Garageboy E28 Website
Robert's euro 535i Website
Doug's 535iS Website
Brad Couvillon's Picture Gallery
Steve Lindberg's 535iS Website
6 Series Page
Turbo E30 318i

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Performance Parts and Tuners

AC Schnitzer
Racing Dynamics
Metric Mechanic

JE Pistons
Ground Control Suspension
Top End Performance
KONI Shocks and Struts
Auto Solutions Short Shifters
UUC Motorwerks
Bilstein Shocks
Porterfield Brake Pads

Other BMW Sites

West Coast E9 Coupe Meeting
Harriman State Park Meeting
BMW Power(in German)

Specialty Products, Tools, and Services

POR 15 Paint and Restoration Products
Leather Recovery

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