Pictures of the Grey Ghost

AutoX 1 (July 2000) AutoX 2 (July 2000) AutoX 3 (July 2000) AutoX 4 (July 2000) AutoX 5 (July 2000)
Winterized (1999-2000) Love the Hartge's (Summer 2000) "Summer Trim" (Summer 2000) Interior Shot (Summer 2000) I need Euro bumpers
Right after lowering (Summer 2000) Off to Work I Go (Summer 2000) Just bought, before the mods (Spring 1999) Interior of car when "delivered" (Spring 1999) Rear shot when "delivered" (Spring 1999)
Engine view, very clean (Spring 1999) Interior, note Auto tranny before mods (Spring 1999) Ready and waiting for the transformation (Spring 1999) Photo after work completed (no Hartges yet) (Summer 1999) Chris's and mine - in February 2000 after "test" drives
HELLO! I hope I got the bumper on straight Yeah, looks good Dark North Carolina Night Yeah I know it is dark
How do you shut the flash off? Oh well, still pretty Snow anyone? "Help I'm buried" BBS RXs
Track wheels anyone? No lights on Beautiful Island Picture Ready to roll Grey Ghost's first track appearance at VIR
E36 M3? No problem. Corvette Z06? No sweat. An athlete hard at work. E30 M3 SIG Meeting Autocross Outperforming E30 M3's???
At the start line Ahhh! Cones! :-) Sliding... First Gear Acceleration... Power out...
Pushing it around the cone Comparison with stock? Braking and entry Hard cornering... HARD braking...
Through the figure eight... Roll? What roll! Stock rockin' and rollin' Big picture of Cones (800K) Big accerelation picture (800K)
Pictures of the Rebuild Process
Big Cornering picture (800K) Big Cornering though cones picture (800K)

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