Pictures from East Fest 2000

Thank you to all who attended! It was a blast. The ride to Maximillian's was great, and we had one helluva time there. The raffle was very generous, and the roads were excellent. EVEN though it was raining, the turn-out was great. Thanks goes out to all members who attended, and the Paul, Max, and Matt at Maximillian, who helped out enourmously! (Saturday, May 27, 2000)

What happens when us E28 owners get together for a joyride in the Maryland hills, visit a parts house, and have some rain thrown in for good measure.

Group Shot

Chris Graff (kneeling), Scott Perschke (stripes), Mark Conley (in sandals), and Guy Kirk (on right).

Mike S. is the new guy in front.

Mark Conley's very sharp 535iS.

Scott Perschke's car

The Green Hornet...

Stuart Stephen at Lime Rock

Scott Perschke's photo of the gang.

The whole gang.

Mark Conley's and Guy Kirk's cars.

Maximillian's Building is on the left side.

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