E28 Pictures (3):

Silver M535i Lowered with wheels Proud driver Lowered with BBS Black M535i over snow
M-stripes on M535i Black M535i with BBS Red M535i with city lights Hartges on M535i White M535i
Interesting wheels... Burnout Oscar's M535i with Alpinas Japanese M535i Vincent's M535i at the track
Silver M535i Silver M535i Wannabe M535i Drifting on the snow... Mark Weber's new M535i
James Hills M535i Rob Workman's 535i's Silver M535i Fire Bottle under driver's seat (K. Frech) First Aid kit in trunk (K. Frech)
Watch the old lady Front shot of Hartge H5 M535i at an autocross Japanese M535i Mats Kinneby's E28
More M535i's And another one Scott Perschke's stable Front view Mark Weber's new M535i
Mark's car was Matt Demangos's old one Driving back to Colorado Mark next to his car Mark's good BMW buddy The view most cars got (@143mph)
Mark's car resting in the driveway

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