E28 Pictures (2):
Brett Schift's 535iS Mel's M5 with M-contours Mel's M5 Link to Rob A.'s Pictures Jim Eagan's 416,000 mile, original, 533i
Brian Haske's 535iS Brian Haske's engine Rex Fox's 535iS Rex Fox's 535iS Rex Fox's 535iS
Rex Fox's 535iS Danny's M535i, located in Netherlands Danny's M535i Unknown M535i Unknown M535i
Unknown M535i Mike Scudder's... "The Green Hornet" Toolkit Dan Lowe's 535iS
Dan's 535iS Very nice! Russ Coppes's 535iS R.C.'s is DINAN flavored E28 Alpina (from Unofficial Aplina Page)
Spanish M535i Euro 535i in Montana Euro 518i - nice body kit ;-) Same car A euro 528i
A euro M535i The same euro M535i An interior shot Beautiful black 535i M535i with Hartge
Love the classic lines... ...of the E28. Beautiful white M535i Another shot of the white M535i Ken Mitchell at the track
15x8 track wheels Necessary track supplies Richard Stern's M535i VERY Red, with shadowline Nice interior, too
Another E28 cornering (from U.A.P.) Private Alpina E28 Alpina, but why those wheels Japanese Alpina B7 Cornering Hartges

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