What are the differences between M535is, 535is, and 535iSes?


Euro Engines Available:

The 218 bhp, high compression engine
The 182 bhp (185 DIN), low compression engine

USA Engines Available:

The 182 bhp, low compression engine

Euro High Compression Specifications:

  • 218 bhp, 229 lb-ft torque (DIN)
  • 10.0:1 Pistons
  • Camshaft 264 degree (same part as E34 535i)
  • Exhaust manifolds different from low-comp unit
  • Oil Cooler
  • No O2 sensor input
  • Euro Low Compresion Specifcations:

  • 185 bhp, 214 lb-ft torque (DIN)
  • 8.0:1 Pistons
  • Different Camshaft P/N
  • Exhaust manifolds different from High-comp unit
  • Oil Cooler
  • Catalytic converter with O2 Motronic Unit input
  • Cat-back exhaust section is the same as High-comp unit
  • AUS/CH/SWE Version: Emission controls (different exhaust manifolds, exhaust air recirculation)
  • Charcoal Cannister system (after 9/86)
  • USA Low Compression Specications:

  • 182 bhp, 214 lb-ft torque (SAE)
  • 8.0:1 Pistons
  • Different Camshaft P/N
  • Exhaust manifolds different from High-comp unit
  • Catalytic converter with O2 Motronic Unit input
  • Cat-back exhaust section is the same as High-comp unit
  • Charcoal Cannister system

    Euro, Rear differentials and transmissions offered:

    C/R transmission: 3.07LSD
    OD transmission: 3.25LSD
    Automatic: 3.25LSD; 3.45LSD (after 9/86)

    AUS Version, Rear differentials and transmissions offered:

    3.46LSD/non LSD: (unknown tranny application)
    Same as Euro otherwise

    CH Version, Rear differentials and transmissions offered:

    3.25LSD (up to 9/86 on all transmissions)
    3.45LSD (after 9/86 on Auto)
    3.15LSD (after 9/86 on Man)

    ETK Output:
    3.07 - non-Cat, Man
    3.25 - Cat, Man
    3.25 - up to 9/86, Cat, Auto
    3.45 - from 9/86, Cat, Auto
    3.46 - AUS, Cat
    3.25 - CH, up to 9/86, Cat
    3.45 - CH, from 9/86, Auto, Cat
    3.15 - CH, from 9/86, Man, Cat

    All Euro market cars had the "big diff" casings and gears. These are much bigger and more robust than the "small diffs" that came on smaller engined euro models, USA cars, and cars in other markets.


    -All Euro Catalytic Converter Equipped cars had Charcoal cannister system after 9/86
    -All USA cars had charcoal cannister system


    70 liter - Euro Gas Tank
    63 liter - USA gas tank

    Fuel system cooling available on Saudia Arabia Version. Very rare to find on USA or Euro cars


    Euro Electrical System Wiring harnesses different. For example: Euro headlight wiring different from USA wiring that only allows 2 sets of driving lights on at a time. Rear foglights wiring on Euro cars. Also, headlight leveling, headlight washing, and city light parking lights capability wired into euro wiring harness.


    M-tech Steering Wheel
    Sport Seats
    Side Skirts
    Euro front bumpers with M-tech spoiler and no valence
    Euro rear bumpers with M-tech spoiler
    M-tech TRX Alloys (not forged Fuchs style)
    Rear spoiler and specfic torsion bars
    Fender flares
    Some equipped with side blinker lights behind front wheel well


    M-tech suspension: OPTIONAL on all Euro cars
    Includes: M-tech Springs, Bistein shocks, 19mm / 15.5mm anti-roll bars

    Standard Euro suspension:
    Includes: Stock springs, Bilstein shocks, 19mm / 15,5mm anti-roll bars

    USA 535i suspension:
    Includes: Stock springs, Boge shocks, 19mm / 15,5mm anti-roll bars

    USA 535iS:
    Includes: Stock springs (NOT M-tech, NOT "sport", it's the EXACT same as the others), Bilsteins shocks standard, 19mm / 15,5mm anti-roll bars, Some cars equipped with 21mm 'sport' front sway bar.


    Euro Option List:

    Shadowline Trim
    Power windows, front or rear
    Power antenna
    Different Radios (premium/non-premium)
    Air Condition (with different interior center console)
    Heated Door locks
    Headlight wipers/washer
    Headlight levelling
    Interior light delay
    Heated Windshield washer nozzles
    Heated Rear view mirrors
    Map lights on interior rear view mirror
    Rear headrests
    M-tech suspension kit
    Rear fogs
    Leather/Cloth seating surfaces for sport seats
    Fire Extinguisher
    First Aid Kit
    Seat belt adjuster
    Auxiliary Heater
    Interior Coin holders
    CD Holder in front door map pocket
    Non-smoker package
    Glass Moonroof
    Rear sun-shade
    Cruise Control
    Limited Slip Differential
    Automatic Transmission
    Close Ratio Transmission

    USA Standard Equipment:

    Power windows
    Power antenna
    Premium Radio
    Air Conditioning
    Heated door locks
    Heated windshield washer nozzle
    Heated Rear view mirrors
    Interior light delay (some)
    Leather Seats
    Cruise Control
    Fog lights

    USA 535iS Standard Equipment (add to 535i):

    Front spoiler, with fog lights
    Rear spoiler
    Sport seats
    21mm front "sport bar" (sometimes equipped)
    Bilstein Sport shocks

    USA Optional Equipment:

    Automatic Transmission
    Metallic Paint
    Limited Slip Differential
    Floor Mats

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